Tom Cruise And Robert Duvall Were At The Etihad To Watch The Manchester Derby

Tom Cruise brought a touch of Hollywood stardust to the Manchester derby on Sunday as the Mission Impossible actor watched the Premier League showdown from the stands at Eastlands. The 50-year-old was joined by actor Robert Duvall for a quick interview on the sidelines of the pitch before taking his seat to watch the game.

Tom Cruise and Robert Duvall

“I am expecting a great game. It is my first game in England even though I have been following British football since the 1980s,” Cruise told Sky Sports.

“David Beckham wishes he was here, I got an e-mail from him, he is jealous I am here.”

Duvall added: “I am very interested in football. I was in London years ago to see Pele travelling through when he was 17, and I have followed every World Cup since.

“I can safely say the greatest character I have ever met is former Rangers winger wee Willie Johnston. I named a dog after him.”

While Duvall’s enthusiasm couldn’t be faulted, he appeared slightly unsure of the rules and asked the Sky interviewer: “Will there be a shootout today if it’s a tie? No?”

Tom Cruise also added that he visited the Etihad on advice from his friend Beckham. The duo who were at the Etihad to promote their new film Jack Reacher had a day out to Manchester to enjoy the derby.

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