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Arsenal Get A Green Light From Another French Target


There has never been a week without a French player or an overseas player from Ligue 1 has been linked Arsenal. Lyon’s Maxime Gonalons is the latest player to be linked with the North Londoners. Gonalons, 23, is a defensive midfielder, an area in which Arsenal have to strengthen before the start of the next season.

Steve Rowley, Arsenal’s chief scout has watched the midfielder play for Lyon during their Europa league encounter with Tottenham and have been impressed with what he has seen. The midfielder has also earned 6 caps for his national side. It is believed that Arsenal will make a move during this summer if the reports from France continue to be positive.

Gonalons has admitted that he is tempted to move abroad in the future giving the much needed green signal for Arsenal to make the move. He told Spanish paper Fichajes: “If I have to go, it would be abroad.

“I like the English and the German leagues. They are awesome. When I see the pitch and that type of game, I feel it’s a dream.”

With several midfielders linked with the club, Arsenal could be benefited by signing Gonalons as he will be available for a much cheaper price than some of the other targets.

In other news Wenger talked about Saturday’s win over Villa and hopes that it will be enough to silence the critics at-least for the time being and admits that the number of frustrated fans have increased over the past few weeks.

“I hope this gives us a bit more quietness for us to prepare our next game. It was a very important day for Arsenal Football Club,” Wenger said.

“I am very happy for the players because they have a good attitude and want to do well.

“We went through some difficult times so it was important first to show that we are united, determined and focused to win the game, and we were.

“We were a bit nervous – I concede that – because we are a lot under pressure, we had our backs to the wall and had to win the game.”

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  1. para realist

    February 26, 2013 at 2:38 am

    Unless something changes in training, we will always find ourselves with our backs to the wall.
    It is clear to see that there is something wrong in the way we are playing. There seems to be no cohesion throughout the team, rather i am getting a sense of individuality and selfishness.
    Who ever is training in defence, and it looks very much like AW, is not making it better, but worse. But the all round mentality of the team is really low when you watch them play.
    I know AW wants to play the barca way, but even that we have lost now, and to try that with the players we have is just not working out. Many say we need to buy players in summer, but i think also we need to sort our training problems out, surely AW can see that?
    It is alright to say the players are good and expect them to just get on with it, but there is a very valid reason why other teams plan and search out the opposition’s weaknesses. This sort of mentality is needed at AFC if we are going to emerge out of this mess we are in, and buying new players, how ever good they are will not change that, if it might paper over the cracks for a while.

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