3 Reasons Why Bale Should Ditch Tottenham For Real Madrid

Gareth Bale - Tottenham's main man

So Arsenal have done it again. For the sixteenth time now in a row they will be playing in the Champion’s League, marking a high point in Wenger’s career. But the team to lose out this season is Spurs yet again. Their bad luck continues as they try in vain to qualify for the Premier European League. But this season losing out the fourth spot may be a bit sourer as it may have deeper implications. Their star player Gareth Bale may just decide to leave, following his side’ inability to qualify for the Champions league. Real Madrid are already making enquiries about him and may lure him to Spain with a big money move while Manchester United may also move in for the player. We note three reasons as to why may Bale decide to leave Spurs and head to Madrid, even if Spurs break the bank and try to keep him.

There are reports suggesting that Bale has accepted a new £130,000-a-week Tottenham contract according to the Independent. However as of now there is no confirmation from both the parties and even if Bale accepts a contract, it could only increase his market value and we have the whole summer infront of us and anything could happen.

P.S: Tottenham fans reading this post, I have got nothing against you. It is just what I feel and your are welcome to have your say at the bottom of the article.

CL Football

It is dream of any footballer to play in the Champions League and this may be one of the most vital reason why he would be even consider the offers. At the age of 23 Bale may feel that it is the right time in his career to make a big move and make a mark in European competition. The Champions League football may be one of the reason, but it is very promising one and let’s face it, how long will he single handedly carry Spurs season after season just to finish behind Arsenal.

Di Maria’s form

 Angel Di Maria has been going through a poor run of form for a long time now and Mourinho has often hinted that the Argentine has not done enough to satisfy his boss. Although Mourinho will not be there at the Bernabeu next season, Real may consider selling Di Maria and that may open up Bale’s opportunity to feature in the first team. Unlike many players who get wasted in Real for lack of opportunity, Bale might not have to struggle hard and break into the first team easily. If Madrid do end up selling the winger, their first target will undoubtedly be Bale and if the Galacticos come calling with a £70 million offer, expect Daniel Levy to let go their priced asset.

The dream of playing in Real

 Playing alongside Ronaldo is in itself a dream and the combination of the Welsh man and the Portuguese sensation on either wings would take Madrid to a whole new level, a lethal combination which every Real Madrid fan would fantasies about. In real he would get the opportunity to feature with some of the biggest names in world football, a factor motivating enough for Bale considering a switch.  Thieu combination could be a notch better than the Ribery/Robben partnership at Bayern Munich.


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  1. Anything happens in football it’s not the real world.just like spurs fans don’t live in real world

  2. As Cal say he’s just had a baby so (probably) won’t want to go abroad at the moment. Also a lot of comment I have read stresses thast Arsenal have beaten Spurs to CL again but let us not forget that Spurs have made it to the stage where they are contending whilst:
    a) having a new manager who came from an apparantly shaky background (his time at Chelsea)
    b) getting rid of their two midfield playmakers (Modric and Van der Vaart) and
    c) struggling with 2 strikers who were either off form or injured through most of the season
    If you consider these factors to be where they are threatening the 4th place must be considered a good sign for the future especially if Levy and co reconsider their reluctance to spend on 1 or preferably 2 new strikers.

  3. In footballing terms I will not disagree that moving to Madrid could improve his game, but I would argue that it would to any other league that is not used to playing against him, whilst he learns another new style. La Liga being better than the EPL is arguable (national teams 100% agree that Spain is better), but it is more the lifestyle that is better in Spain that adds the different dimension (in terms of attraction). If Bale moves abroad I think Madrid could be a place, however with Bayern Munich having Guardiola at the helm it would be a more attractive move in footballing terms.

    My reason against moving to Madrid so young is that although they are a great club with fantastic history it also has a history of crumbling careers linked with the boards and fans impatience. This is not based on players such as Steve McManaman or even Michael Owen (English players have struggled in Spain). It is in fact based on the likes of Van Der Vaart, Sneijder, Kaka, Modric, Drenthe, Diarra, Huntelaar, the list goes on and on. No one can deny that Real Madrid are one of the largest clubs in the world, but I feel that for Bale not being brought through the youth ranks at Real the club, manager and fans would quickly turn against the player should he have a slow start to his time at Madrid. This would be the same should he get injured.

    Any player with sense would not try a club like Madrid until much later in life. It has a large potential of catching players out and quickly. A lot of Arsenal’s(supposed fans, like Legoon) will say that Spurs fans are deluded and that we may not live in the real world. However as a club we are not allowing the world to pass us by, we have made huge steps forward and with situations such as the Bale one we move fast to come up with a solution that is best for both player and club.
    Bale has just signed up to another contract with BT (for which he has to live in the UK to fulfill), he has just had a baby and he is very happy at Tottenham. But forgetting that he, his manager, the club and now numerous newspapers have broke the news that Bale will be staying. Believe what you want and yes many reports should be ignored, but Bale is not due to leave for Madrid any time soon.
    I also urge people to remember that with the likes of Ryan Giggs in Bale’s ear (the most successful Welsh player of all time) who spent his career in England (both with similar personalities) he will not make a rapid move abroad let alone Madrid.

    So do I hate Madrid, no. Do I hate how they recruit players with no respect for sportsmanship yes. But I also remember that all clubs do it, but its how you do it that amplifies the situation onto a good or bad scale. I would prefer for all clubs to adhere to the rules and contact the club first. For me it is football first and money second, but in reality it is the opposite.

    Will Madrid land Bale? Not yet, but as for beyond the 2013-2014 season maybe yes. So Madrid fans expect to wait. For Arsenal fans reading this agreeing with Legoon, you were as lucky as us this year and it could have gone either way. But each year we are improving. We have now had our best season in terms of points whereas Arsenal and Arsene have pushed their luck (and many Arsenal fans that I speak to have agreed).

    The premier League has vastly improved and the amount of points needed to qualify for Champions League alone this season has proved it.

    I have no hatred for any team, any fans, but rather for the way football is progressing in England and in the world.

    Am I some hippy? LOL no certainly not but I have my head screwed on correctly, I have common sense, a wealth of knowledge in footballing terms that is increasing ever day (after making some great contacts in the footballing world).

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