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And Now Willian Snub Liverpool For Tottenham, Where Does It Leave Them?

Well let me be absolutely honest about this from a Liverpool fan’s point of view. Tonight I am feeling absolutely gutted and have a deep feeling of enragement engulfing me.

When Henrikh Mkhitaryan snubbed Liverpool for Borussia Dotrmund, it was understandable. When Diego Costa decided to use the interest from Liverpool as a negotiating tool for a better contract from Atletico, it was a bitter pill to swallow, but still acceptable. But when Willian opted (almost as various sources are suggesting and BBC reports that the Brazilian attacking midfielder has undergone a medical ahead of his proposed £30m move to Tottenham) for White Hart Lane instead of Anfield, it was surely the biggest blow that the fans have had to suffer.

While Dortmund were the runners up of the Champions League and a dominant force in their own league, despite Bayern Munich, Atletico could also ensure Champions League football to the Brazilian Costa. By now the Liverpool fans have got pretty used to the fact that club would miss on premier targets without European football and would only attract the marquee signings once they enter they qualify for Champions League football.

And this exactly where Willian signing for the Spurs has irked the Anfield faithful the most. Spurs are undoubtedly in a better position than the Merseyside club, but precisely even they cannot offer Willian CL action. The only thing that Spurs can guarantee to the talented Brazilian is Europa league, which many top players consider as a waste of energy. But still the Anzhi player has decided to snub Liverpool and instead join the London outfit.


This incident of Willian staying indifferent to the interests from Liverpool and going for a team which is only marginally better than them in terms of results, highlights the fact that most players believe that Liverpool have far less chance than Spurs to qualify for Champions League football in the foreseeable future (a bitter truth? I’m afraid so). The failure to bring in the player comes with a sense of hopelessness and a reality check for all the over enthusiastic fans who assumed  that breaking into the top four would be as easy as Brendan Rodgers saying in every other press conference.

With Liverpool’s early activity into the transfer market this season, everybody acquired a feeling that the days are over when Liverpool would leave it too late for the transfer window only to bite the dust on 2nd September. The management had certainly done a fair job at the beginning of the season bring in players such as Kolo Toure, Iago Aspas, Luis Alberto and Simon Mignolet. The actual fact that was missed by many was that all these players were at the most decent and would increase the depth of the side to a great extent, but not go on to uplift the current quality of the team.

The first blow came when Armenian midfielder Mkhitaryan chose Dortmund, after presumably agreeing a deal with the Premier League side and mentioned that although Liverpool are a club with a great history, Dortmund are the club with a brighter future. The fans were disillusioned for the first time in the new season, tipped to be the season of the great aspirations seeing the light of the day. The fans were no doubt disappointed but took it in their stride.

Diego Costa was never close to a move to Liverpool and the very interests from them opened the scope of shrewdly engineered contract extension with more lucrative terms. Thus Brendan’s search for the marquee signing continued and brought him to Willian, a player high on class capable of running through any team’s defence on a given day.

What may be more frustrating for the fans is the fact that Willian was the only player among the trio who actually welcomed a move to English Premier League and preferably to Liverpool. His exact words were as follows:

“I’m waiting for a new bid to arrive in the next days from a few clubs, like Liverpool. If it’s really Liverpool, then it is surely a great club. I’m hopeful and very calm, just waiting for the best.  England is my goal. The English championship is the dream of many players, and I’m no different. I like the Premier League very much. I enjoy the English football and certainly, if that happens, it will be very good for me and for my image.”

But at the moment Spurs were not in the race for signing Willian and the situation changed drastically once they decided to throw their expertise in negotiations and newly found wealth ( most probably from the £93m Bale deal, which is yet to be official).  In no time, Spurs became the favourites and are set to hijack the player under Liverpool’s nose.

It will certainly remain a debate whether a player who is regular member of the bench of a young and as many would put it, mediocre Brazilian side is worth a king’s ransom of £30m, but it cannot be overlooked that Liverpool’s failure to bring the player would leave a deep hole in the hearts of the club management and the supporters alike.

So once again it looks like the same old story. A player who tried all the tricks in the book to get his way out of the club would be Liverpool’s go-to man. A 21 year old new found hero would be asked to be their messiah in times of needs. And a veteran soldier would again give his optimum for the club that he idolizes, only be let down by the inferior men around him.

Meanwhile Rodgers’ search of that one significant signing continues.


  1. dean jones

    August 22, 2013 at 1:08 pm

    THE THREE STOOGES ( Henry ayre & Rodgers ) WILL BE GONE SOON…

  2. j100_4@MSN.COM

    August 22, 2013 at 1:14 pm


  3. Phil

    August 22, 2013 at 1:47 pm

    He never snubs us, this journo really has a job?? we didnt match the fee Spurs were paying and I agree damn right he is a good player but not worth over £30mill that is stupid money for a guy who doesnt score that much.

  4. Ben

    August 22, 2013 at 1:49 pm

    Wouldn’t count your chickens yet mate! Spurs are undertaking a massive gamble atm. Firstly financially. You have spent loads of money, but this does not guarantee success. Yes you may reclaim a lot of it if Bale does go for £90 million. However, Madrid have ways of getting their own way so to speak, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they got him for a lot less. You are also likely paying massive wages to several new players, so they more than match Bales. Don’t underestimate how much this can add up to. If you don’t get success then this business model is doomed. You don’t have a wealthy Arab or oligarch bankrolling you.

    Secondly, there is every possibility that the team, although filled with top players, won’t gel and won’t be a success. There you have two problems. Firstly the massive overspend without bringing in lots of prize money etc (you don’t have a big global appeal, whereas Liverpool still sell millions of jerseys worldwide) and secondly disgruntled players. If you fail to make the Champions League at the end of the season you have big problems. Man City are more than likely there, and the other three are very experienced in getting there. You are not.

    Your current approach is fantastic to be a part of, but can easily lead down the road to ruin. I do agree with some of your comments though!!

  5. VegaMatiz

    August 22, 2013 at 2:15 pm

    Spurs and Man Utd are both also owned by Americans

  6. Roythered

    August 22, 2013 at 2:24 pm

    Good article, you’re right i’m gutted too, not too bothered about Willian, good player, not worth £30million, it’s the fact we can’t close a deal. Do we want these players or not? We are looking very amateur and naive in the market. Sorry to say it but Fenway Rodgers and Ayre won’t get near the top four. I think there may be some truth that we’re ‘unofficially’ up for sale, as LFC and football are too big for Fenway.

  7. Roythered

    August 22, 2013 at 2:24 pm

    Good article, you’re right i’m gutted too, not too bothered about Willian, good player, not worth £30million, it’s the fact we can’t close a deal. Do we want these players or not? We are looking very amateur and naive in the market. Sorry to say it but Fenway Rodgers and Ayre won’t get near the top four. I think there may be some truth that we’re ‘unofficially’ up for sale, as LFC and football are too big for Fenway.

  8. S-P

    August 22, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    Spurs are owned by Joe Lewis (and Daniel Levy/Tavistock Group) – London born and bred.

  9. bulwark

    August 22, 2013 at 3:36 pm

    Spurs may not have a rich Arab or Russian Oligarch, but they are owned by Joe Lewis who is worth like 4billion, so Id say they are pretty safe from ending up like Leeds. Nevertheless, there is no gambling going on at Spurs it is just financially backing our manager with money that has put aside over the years. Redknapp was offered a 50m transfer kitty when negitiating his contract in early 2012 but he wanted the england job and ended up with the QPR one. Bet he feels sick with himself when he sees what DL, FB, and AVB have done since he left…

    Liverpool fans need to be patient, save money invest in youth and when yous start to have something that looks like a decent side again, invest the money you’s have saved in filling the gaps. Thats exactly what spurs have done. Liverpool fans are used to Champions League but Brendan Rodgers didnt take over a side anywhere near capable of achieving champs league. Brendan is moving the club forward but other clubs are also moving forward at the same time so it wont be overnight success and you’s all have to just accept that for now, because any top player hitting his peak years would be mad to choose Liverpool over Spurs at this exact moment in time. I dont mean that as any disrespect but I you’s need to get behind your club whatevrr they do until such times as the big names want to come back again. Also need to control Suarezs mouth as it has brought a lot of negative press to LFC this summer…

  10. S-P

    August 22, 2013 at 3:39 pm

    You start out by conceding that Spurs are in a better position than Liverpool and then almost immediately fall back into the fallacy of bemoaning the ‘fact’ that all Spurs can offer that Liverpool can’t is the Europa Cup.
    No, no it isn’t. Spurs are in exceptional financial health, have an excellent and improving young squad (one-man tema myth is absolute BS), which is being added to as we speak, one of the World’s most highly rated young coaches, one of the most highly touted youth set-ups in the country (probably ‘the most’), the best youth personnel in the country (Liam Brady’s words, not mine), the state-of-the-art training facilities in Europe, if not the World, and work begun on a new stadium.
    Spurs have finished comforatably above Liverpool for four seasons running, and finished in the top four twice in that time, missing out the other two seasons by the narrowest of narrow margins.
    Liverpool are in transition. In effect, you are going through the process Spurs had to go through – ditching the traditional model of competing, in favour of a mroe streamlined, cost effective way. Both clubs have had to deflate the wage bill and balance outgoings on revenues. Spurs began this process a good while ago – in its modern format, when we hired Frank Arnesen (you need to do the maths on this). Liverpool should have been doing the same thing rather than forlornly digging a hole for yourselves by trying to spend to compete with United, whose revenues were massively out-stripping your own. Where Liverpool have an advantage, that should speed the process up, is that you had more ‘better’ players to begin with (though, msotly, the benefit is in selling them for higher fees to reinvest, as their burden on the wage bill needs to be reduced), and a greater history of success (though, remember, Spurs have a respectable enough trophy haul, so don’t into the ludicrous ‘neever won anything’ fallacy), and more recent success, and a bigger (at present*) global fan base. But that doesn’t mean that you can do it all in a season, or two.
    You will, if you look carefully, see some of the smarter and wiser Liverpool fans saying exactly the same – though I am sure I will get plenty of on here. It is just naive to imagine that Spurs have nothing but one season in the Europa to offer a player over Liverpool, ATM.
    *Don’t kid yourself that the global fanbase that Liverpool have will remain static, or grow, if you don’t get back above a certain level – it is very fickle.

  11. Win

    August 22, 2013 at 7:47 pm

    Well in all honesty, signings like Willian may be considered marquee or uplifting for a teams supporters and status but it seems more likely that the current Liverpool approach towards buying cheaper talents lends towards a more sustainable long term future rather than a slash and burn spending storm which they frankly cannot afford. In hindsight, I would even say that the lack of expectations and pressure on the team now could be the catalyst for their resurgence into top 4 contenders. The team is strong in depth and contains a good mix of experience and youth. Willian may sign for spurs instead but fans should be happy that Liverpool has avoided a risky 30 million investment in a player who floundered in the Russian league.

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