Manchester United: Persie And Rooney, An Amazing Duo On The Rocks

Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney: These two just bring a lot to the table when performing together. The dynamic duo thrashed and demolished almost every EPL team’s back line of defense last season. That being said, we come to the point of who was the man behind all this, saw the stellar potential it held and ultimately made it happen: Sir Alex Ferguson. So, the question for now is “Can the Persie-Rooney combination blossom in the absence of Sir Alex and if so, how?” Only time as well as David Moyes’ progress as manager can tell.

The Forward duo of Rooney-RVP back together again
The Good Times!

The man who scored 26 goals last season and being adjudged the top goal scorer last term, has had a rocky start to this year’s calendar. Injury woes similar to his time at Arsenal are on the up-scale, pointing the direction of work load at Wayne Rooney. And what can I say, every time Rooney takes to the pitch, he ends up being the star player on the field, both sides included. Only problem: Lack of support to keep the attack going.

We’ve seen in so many games this season, lack of support up front has given many chances to the opposition to exploit and gain momentum on the offense and take control. This is how the Red Devils have seemed to have slipped on many occasions, losing big time opportunities to climb up the ladder. (ex: vs. Cardiff City)

For Moyes, it’s really a big step from Everton to United. More pay, more responsibilities and lots of respect on the line. It will definitely take time, but age is something we can’t contain. Persie and Rooney are past their peak but can really pull together for a couple of years more if shown the right path. What United require at the moment is a strong midfield with a strong and powerful defender like Vidic and of course, a focused manger. Add all of them up, you’ll be seeing Persie and Rooney fly off their mark and setting new records in the future.

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