Long Way To Go – Why Liverpool Fans Should Not Panic After That Freak Result At Burnley


The summer brought a lot of positivity to Liverpool, as manager Jurgen Klopp continued to build on the success from last season. The team may have ended up as runners-up in the Europa League, but it was a huge improvement on all fronts by the Merseyside outfit. The arrival of players like Sadio Mane and Georginio Wijnaldum to complement an existing crop of talented players like Philippe Coutinho has been a major factor towards increasing the positivity. The thought of a proper title challenge grew amongst Liverpool supporters after the opening day win over Arsenal.

Even though the game was a closely run 4-3 win, the club were 4-1 up against one of the main rivals at one point in the game. Yet, all this positivity came crashing down after a shock 2-0 loss against Burnley on Saturday. The game made the headlines for all the wrong reasons as far as Liverpool fans are concerned. They watched their team dominated possession but without creating any real opportunity. It was a throwback to the dark days once again.

It is so often the timing of result that could result in a few of panic buys. Since there are only a few days left in the transfer window, the club could look at signings that they may otherwise not need. Jurgen Klopp does seem to have a steady mind in this regard, as the German boss has ruled out any panic buys following this result. Few would have predicted such an outcome and this, ultimately, is the reason why Liverpool fans should also not get too concerned about the team.

Burnley had less than 20% of possession and yet managed to win the game. They have set a new record – at least since Opta stats began in 2003 – for managing a win while having the lowest possession. Such results are often termed as a ‘freak’ and the experienced Liverpool supporter will know that these do occur from time to time. All top clubs suffer from such a result on occasions, but it does not mean a bad squad. Yes, the confidence takes a hit but it can be quickly recovered with a couple of positive results.

Liverpool came back to the winning ways by demolishing  Burton Albion in the League Cup on Tuesday night. Klopp will expect that win will keep the team motivated for a tough away game against Tottenham during the weekend.

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