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Rangers Opinion: Should Pedro Caixinha Bother About Dave King’s Warning?

Rangers manager Pedro Caixinha

Rangers chairman to manager Pedro Caixinha that he must not play attractive football for the sake of it and especially not at the cost of winning matches.

Should Caixinha listen?  There are arguments both ways. First of all, it is doubtful that a slight disagreement on football matters would mean an early exit for Caixinha. King has stated that he will back the manager in the transfer market and that he will be given a chance to prove his worth, so it would be folly to already be thinking about why or when he would get rid of the Portuguese coach.

With that being the case, the players Caixinha wants King to bring in will shape the way his side plays, so expect good passers, and players with plenty of technical ability to arrive in the summer.

For his part, King has stated that he doesn’t really want the job as Rangers’ chairman fully and that he is in the position basically because he believes there is nobody better suited to the role. King does not even live in Scotland; rather, he is residing in South Africa these days and travels to Glasgow to tidy up matters involving the club.

would surely like to see a flowing, passing game at Ibrox featuring players who are capable of getting the crowd off their feet. Should the crowd demand it and should Caixinha believe that this style is the best way for him to get results, he must fight his corner backing the manger to succeed. Even with all of that in mind, there must remain a respectful tone and should King inform Caixinha that winning is the only currency Rangers want to trade in, he must listen.

In all fairness, a lot of Rangers fans at this point in history would also say that winning beats pretty football. They have slipped a long way behind bitter rivals Celtic and so getting back to the top at any cost would be the most pleasing thing. A bit of European style would not go amiss, but a good looking 1-1 draw versus winning ugly is absolutely no contest.

Looking back to last season’s ; Rangers knew they were not the better footballing side on paper. Celtic could pass better, had more pace and overall had a more valuable team. However, Rangers got stuck in, fought hard and won their personal battles en route to an impressive draw and penalty shootout success. If the fans enjoyed that moment, there’s no reason why they won’t enjoy plenty more like that next season.

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