3 Things We Learnt From Danny Rose’s Honest Interview On Tottenham And His Future

Three Things We Learnt From Danny Rose’s Honest Interview

Tottenham Hotspur may be the most consistent club in the Premier League in the last couple of seasons but the lack of silverware and progress has seen some of the star players to look elsewhere. They have already lost a first choice full-back in Kyle Walker and the team chemistry seems to be falling out, as was evident in a recent interview from English international Danny Rose.

Extensively linked with an exit this summer, Rose had some harsh and honest dialogues with a news outfit in a recent interview and his comments have surely ruffled some feathers.

He spoke to The Sun,

“I am opinionated and I might not have long left in football. One thing is for sure, for the rest of this career, I will play this game how I want to play it and, while I am not going to disrespect anyone, I am going to voice my opinions. At my age, and having missed six months with injury, I have been thinking about this quite a lot. I am reaching my peak and have probably only got one big contract left in me.

“Time is running out and I do want to win trophies. I don’t want to play football for 15 years and not have one trophy or one medal. Sorry, that’s not what I am about. I wouldn’t be happy with that. I want to win something. I will say this too — I will play up north. I don’t know exactly when, but I will get back up north and play some football somewhere. I moved away from home (from Leeds to Spurs) at 16.

“In any walk of life, if you think you are worth a certain amount, why settle for less? I am not that person. If I get to levels I reached last season — and this goes out to everybody — I will make sure I get what I am worth. I don’t know how much longer I might have at this level. I’m not going to be stupid enough not to try and get the most out of it — medals, trophies and salary. Anyone who thinks this is primarily for money, that is not the case. But I know what I am worth. As with everyone else in my team, in my opinion, I am worth more than I am getting.”

The sensational interview had a lot to understand about but here are three things that were made clear by the 27-year old in this whole saga:

Spurs Have Big Problems

The English full-back was adamant that he was running out of time to establish himself as a successful player and insisted that he might head to a new club, not for new challenges, but for winning trophies. It is not a healthy thought process from a player of the club, let alone a first choice senior in the squad. If Rose feels that Spurs have little chance of lifting trophies, there is a high chance that the same sounds are echoing around the club, which could be disastrous. Pochettino needs to find some kind of success this season to make sure that his squad and his fans start believing in greater things for the future.

Best Time To Sell?

Rose also spoke about not being paid enough and that he is almost in the final years of him as a footballer. He is yet to win a trophy in London and is clearly looking for an exit. He did not issue a ‘come get me plea’ as such but his comments made it quite clear that he is looking for a new club this season. He if the first choice left-back for Spurs but his attitude and demands of a pay rise make it the perfect time for Spurs to offload him. He will fetch decent money in the market and will surely be replaceable in due time.

Even Rose Wants New Signings

But most importantly, it is not just the fans but the players of the club are also waiting for addition this summer. Pochettino has not made a single signing this transfer window and it could come back to haunt him pretty bad. He allowed Kyle Walker to leave and is yet to replace him and will go into the first game of the season without a first choice right-back, thanks to Kieran Trippier’s injury. Rose revealed that he wants Spurs to sign a couple of star players to compete with the best this season but with time running out, it will not be easy for the club to make the right additions to the squad this summer.


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