This Is Not Enough – Arsenal Can Hope To Achieve Greater Things Only If They Replace Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger

Time For A Change? Arsenal Should Replace Arsene Wenger To Move On To The Next Level

Many times in life, we receive a gift which we love to a great extent. In fact, most of us end up loving it so much that we keep using it over and over again. Unfortunately, the rule of life is that none of these gifts lasts forever and that they will expire at a certain moment. The same goes for Arsenal’s tryst with Arsene Wenger.

For a man whose career has spanned two decades with the club, there are no words to describe the kind of impact he has had with the Gunners. Often compared with Manchester United’s legendary Sir Alex Ferguson, Wenger is nothing short of a legend himself. What he has done for Arsenal will be unparalleled for years to come but perhaps it is time for the prolific manager to retire instead of being forced to do so.

Over the last two seasons, chants of ‘Wenger Out’ only grew louder as fans started becoming increasingly frustrated with the club’s inability at achieving anything beyond what they got over the years. An FA Cup victory, a fourth-placed finish and a Champions League spot does not seem horrible but when that is all a team receives for years without showing any signs of moving forward, it will irk the fans. And even more so for a club with a fan base as passionate as Arsenal’s.

Last season, they failed to secure a Champions League spot and that was the source for a lot of anger among the fans as well. It is not just their performances on the field that suggest Wenger should leave. Of course, after an emphatic 2-0 victory against arch-rivals Tottenham, one might think this is a pointless topic. But is this all Arsenal should aspire for?

A historic club with so much culture and passion, the Gunners are capable of producing performances on par with Europe’s best and yet something seems to be holding them back. For example, their business dealings during transfer windows have not been too encouraging over the years. Wenger’s over-meticulous and extremely calculated moves often mean they end up losing out on quality players they really need.

Thomas Lemar, for example, was tipped to join Arsenal over the summer and so was Kylian Mbappe. However, Wenger’s over-cautiousness meant they missed out on both players that could have added so much dimension to their attack.

Moreover, his bizarre decisions on the field have also led to a lot of criticism. He benched Alexandre Lacazette for a couple of crucial matches and chose to play Alex Iwobi instead. Even against Tottenham, he made a questionable move of substituting the prolific Frenchman for Francis Coquelin, which was met with a lot of boos.

Hence, Arsenal fans should be happy with the victory against Spurs but this is not all they should settle for. If they are to achieve more, they need a manager who is ambitious enough to take them to that level and right now, Wenger seems far from being the one.

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