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Is This Ligue 1 Striker Worth All The Hype, As Arsenal Look Eager To Sign Him?

Arsenal seem quite desperate to sign yet another striker this summer, after manager Arsene Wenger realized the importance of additional reinforcements for his front-line after last season’s disappointing conclusion for the Gunners. The north London giants have tried to sign quite a few attack minded players in the current campaign already and have failed at doing so till now, with the French boss eager to push through a deal for a world-class striker.

With a host of players already being linked with a move to the Emirates, it seems now that the saga of Lyon’s Alexandre Lacazette to Arsenal will not be ending any time soon.

There has been a recent report suggesting that the 25 year old France international is still wanted by the Londoners and that a final bid of £35m has now been made.

Though the attacker might be an asset to have in the side, it is still not clear whether he is worth the money that the Ligue 1 outfit are demanding or not.

From the point of view of a Gooner, personally, the deal would totally be worth it for the club. If a player like Paul Pogba can be worth more than a £100m, as he is what Jose Mourinho desperately needs, we can surely spend the amount for a 21 goal forward.

The Frenchman made a total of 37 appearances in all competitions for Lyon for that tally, which seems to be a good return. Olivier Giroud’s goal drought hurt us and Theo Walcott and Danny Welbeck are too inconsistent, the latter due to his injury issues.

The former Manchester United man will once again miss a huge portion of the season and it is high time “we” stop relying on such injury prone stars.

The other option would be wait for Wenger to try and fail once again, as deadline day approaches and eventually stick to the same list of players once again, with a few additions here and there and then get welcomed to chants of “Wenger out”.

It makes no sense to chase some unrealistic targets, who have no intention of signing and eventually end up wasting more crucial time in the transfer window, while some of our fierce opponents are signing value addition player.

If we look back at the transfer season so far, we can see the difference between “us” and a club like United, City or even Liverpool. Chelsea are also doing fairly well and this growing threat of our domestic rivals should finally make Wenger realize that the window is not a joke.

We can’t keep losing out on players just because the price is not high or due to a notion that the boss has that they will not be worth the money. We need to keep and open mind and look at our rivals as an example.

Take the case of Anthony Martial, who signed for the Red Devils. Would Wenger ever dream of spending that much money for a 19-year-old? NEVER!!

Yes, we have added three marquee signings in the form of Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez and Petr Cech over the past three years. However, we need more than a Granit Xhaka to win us the league and other cup competitions now.

The fact remains that there is still a void at the back and in the attack as well which needs to be filled soon. Fatigue and injuries kill the flare that our team shows season after season and it is high time to change that, if we want to be serious contenders for more than just FA Cups in the upcoming campaign.


  1. Richard Morgan

    July 31, 2016 at 5:17 am

    Of course nitish driving the same line as any other writer is easy. You have at least attempted to be slightly different. But the answer is no he is not worth the money Lyon want. He wasn’t good enough for the French Euro squad and maybe that’s enough of a sign that what Lyon are asking is too much. Wenger plays hardball on transfers and so he should and that’s what’s happening at moment Lyon want to start a bidding war so they can get bucket loads of cash Wenger is waiting knowing that had anyone seriously been interested in him at that price he would have already gone. wenger is right to be cautious let say he spends that money lacazette flops what you and the others of your ilk will say is Wenger gets it wrong again he has lost his touch he doesn’t know what he is doing. Yet if he comes in than less and gets the goals and we still don’t win league you and others like you will claim that Wenger is past it and lost it. However, the league is so much harder now to win than in 2003/4 even five years ago. The traditional top four is no longer that and there are about 8 or 9 teams who can seriously win the league but even the other 11 or twelve will be tough to beat. If you look Wenger got ozil for 42.5 million that’s damned good business alexis for 35 that too was value for money he knows what he is doing and will get things right.

  2. Nitish Bhan

    August 1, 2016 at 8:11 pm

    see bro..frankly tell me, do you believe Wenger will sign anyone better than him?? Knowing Wenger, I don’t think so. Eventually who suffers? The team and the chance to win titles. A 15-20 goal striker will surely help our cause. You say Wenger knows his buys, yet he has kept Walcott and is paying him a huge sum. That kind of money can be used on some better player, who might not have the stats, but has the passion to at least perform. Walcott is wasting our time and money. What about Welbeck? He looks a good player from his United times, but he has spent more time injured, rather than on the pitch..We need a replacement. Are we going to get Morata?? No. Getting James Rodriguez or Jesse helps our cause? Maybe. But how good is Jesse? Time will tell, if we sign him!! James is not a striker, nor is Mahrez!! so who then??

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