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Sheffield United Is The Championship Team Of The Season So Far Even Ahead Of Wolves And Others

Sheffield United Is The Championship Team Of The Year So Far Even Ahead Of Wolves And Others

With just about half of the Championship season over, we have a clear idea of who is challenging for promotion and who is in danger of the deadly drop to League One.

So who has impressed most of all?

Certainly, an obvious place to start is Wolverhampton Wanderers. The second best defence in the league, just one goal behind Cardiff and having scored at least 5 more than anyone else shows their quality. With 51 points on the board already they are four clear at the top and are looking booked for promotion already.

That said though; they have a top coach in Nuno Santo and an ability to offer better wages than anyone else which has led to the loan captures of players like Diogo Jota and Leo Bonatini. They were also able to shell out big money on Ruben Neves, which is not a luxury other teams have had. As predicted here back in August, it was always expected they would top the league.

Cardiff City are in second place and that is most unexpected. Neil Warnock has his side predictably well drilled and keeps them churning out results, just when most of us keep thinking they will falter and it’s hard not to admire them.

Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock

They are very functional and solid, but not the very best to watch and don’t always manage to entertain. Their cross-Severn rivals Bristol City must come very close to winning this accolade as they’re a team who some thought may get relegated this season. Instead, City sit third in the league and with players like Joe Bryan tearing up the division they may go all the way to the Premier League this term.

However, none of them have outperformed their status quite like Sheffield United and it’s they who probably deserve the title of Championship Team of the Season so far.

Chris Wilder has not been considered one of the very best coaches in this league but has got his team playing excellent football and it’s not a team of prima donnas either. Every single last member of the Blades first-team squad is an English speaking player, proving that third-rate players from Europe or Africa are not required to bring the overall quality of a squad up to par.

They are entertaining, efficient, rewarding to watch and very admirable in their transfer policy. United led this division for a brief time only weeks after being promoted from League One and still remain in the hunt for a play-off place.


  1. John Davies

    December 20, 2017 at 4:10 am

    no need for third rate players from Europe or Africa, I take it that’s a dig at the Wolves.
    So according to you Neves, Saisse, Costa Cavaleira, Bonatini and Jota are third rate players, your talking like a twat.
    Look were sheff Utd are and were Wolves are, and that money you are on about, look at how many of our players are on loan.
    Never mind you can have another dig at us in January when we spend a few more million.
    Other teams in the championship have spent more than us notable Derby, Middlesbrough and the villa but I don’t see you having a dig at those.

  2. Gerry Gambone

    December 20, 2017 at 5:59 am

    Sheff Utd are dropping like a stone, chances are they will be out of the play-off places this weekend.

  3. David Bujok

    December 20, 2017 at 9:04 am

    Biased idiot.
    Climb back under your shell

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