Why Tottenham must hold on to Christian Eriksen at all costs amidst interest from Barcelona

Christian Eriksen

Why Tottenham Must Hold On To Christian Eriksen At All Costs Amidst Interest From Barcelona

As per a report from The Sun, Barcelona are keen to sign Christian Eriksen this summer. The same report has also claimed that Spurs are scurrying to renew the talented player’s contract to fend off potential interest.

Talk about Tottenham and the first player whose flashes in the mind is Harry Kane. Throughout the season, there has been a lot of fanfare surrounding his goals and there have also been mentions of how Spurs are heavily reliant on their star striker. With the summer transfer window approaching us, Kane has also been linked with big clubs like Real Madrid.

While a lot of people think that Kane is the reason behind the club’s success, it must be noted that Christian Eriksen is the vein that helps them survive. More often than not, strikers are unable to do much when there is a serious shortage of creative service in the team.

For example, take a look at Aleksandar Mitrovic. At Newcastle United, he looked like a piece of wood on the field and failed to help the club in terms of scoring goals.

Aleksandar Mitrovic at Fulham

However, at Fulham, where he is serving on loan, Mitrovic seems like a completely different player. He is smashing goals day in and day out and while he deserves credit for that, one cannot deny that it also has to do with the brilliant service provided by the likes of Tom Cairney, Kevin McDonald and Stefan Johansen.

Now, Eriksen plays on the wings for Tottenham but that has not stunted his creativity. In 30 Premier League appearances this season, he has created a whopping 75 chances, which is 2.5 chances per game on average.

In addition to that, Eriksen has also contributed 12 goals and 9 assists for the club. His finishing skills are absolutely top-notch and he has proven to be a gamechanger for Tottenham on several occasions.

This is precisely why losing him would affect the North London outfit a lot more than losing Kane. Of course, there is no denying the striker’s effect and impact for the club but without Eriksen, Spurs’ attack will be left with a massive creative void.

Eriksen is intelligent, technically sound and is one of the most lethal attackers in the Premier League right now. Even the tiniest of gaps is more than enough for him to pounce upon, thus making him a true nightmare for even the toughest of defenders.

A player like him is priceless and it is important for Tottenham to hold on to him beyond the end of this season, at all costs.

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