Why this underrated Liverpool genius deserves to start for Brazil ahead of Man City’s pace merchant

Why Tite must start Roberto Firmino ahead of Gabriel Jesus against Belgium

An intense clash between Brazil and Belgium is in the offing at the quarter-final stage of the World Cup. There is a chance for the winner of this tie to eventually win the tournament as big teams like Germany, Spain and Argentina have all crashed out.

Regardless, Belgium and Brazil must ramp up their preparations for the game and team selection will be crucial.

In this article, we will make a case as to why Brazil need to start Roberto Firmino instead of Gabriel Jesus to have a better chance of winning the game.

Jesus has been disappointing so far

While spearheading the attack of one of the best teams in the world, there are certain standards one should match. Jesus, so far, has simply failed to impress. Despite playing all 4 games for Brazil, the striker is yet to open his account for goals. In the 349 minutes he has played, Jesus has only an assist to show for it.

Tite has shown immense faith in Jesus, but it’s time to give Firmino his chance since he truly deserves it.

Firmino has shown quality

Although Firmino has been given limited chances at the World Cup so far, the Liverpool striker has shown he can make an impact. Despite playing only 37 minutes in the tournament, Firmino has already outscored Gabriel Jesus by scoring a goal. In fact, Firmino’s mere presence made his team look livelier.

Even on the basis of the campaigns with their respective clubs, Firmino has done enough with Liverpool to warrant a chance to start ahead of the misfiring Jesus.

Firmino has a lot more to offer

Jesus is an able finisher who usually takes his chances in front of the goal. The Manchester City forward is also known for his movement off the ball and mazy runs to trouble the opposition defences. Firmino, on the other hand, does all that while bringing even more to help his team.

The striker’s work rate is incredible and that is bound to benefit his team in offensive as well as defensive situations.

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Firmino also boasts of incredible passing skills and is notorious for often threading in a through ball or two for his teammates. Hence, the choice is clear. Tite must provide Firmino with a chance ahead of Jesus for the game against Belgium.




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  1. A weak article.

    To state that Firmino does everything that Jesus does plus a lot more is crass. Furthermore if Jesus scores a couple of goals in the next game the argument based mainly on Jesus not scoring in the last 4 games is shot down. Despite this perceived failure his stats over the period from the start of qualifying feature a much better goals to minutes ration.

    These are two very different players with differing skill sets. Both have much to offer and both are selfless players who play for the team. If Bobby Firmino were to start against Belgium he would play his heart out and would Jesus and regardless of which gets the nod the other will be entirely selfless in wishing the favoured one every success.

    Gabriel Jesus is loved and admired by his team mates for what he brings to the game and his total selflessness in working for the team but he is much more than a workhorse. He is very quick, has excellent skills and great vision. he makes small pockets of space for Neymar (in particular) and is a clinical finisher when opportunities present.

  2. Comment*we all know Wat firminho can do. he’s far better than Jesus when it comes to link play and workrate also scoring goals presently but titi prefers Jesus maybe cos of likeness or politics.if Brazil did not take care they might crash out just like Argentina

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