The Lesser Known Derbies In World Football

While the derbies or rivalries like Manchester United Vs. Liverpool or Arsenal Vs. Tottenham Hotspur are known all over the globe there are certain other derbies which are not as famous globally but carry the same level of importance for the fans of both sets of fans. While these clubs might be languishing in the lower leagues and cannot fulfill even a quarter of the stadium on most games the derby match will still be attended by a capacity crowd come hail or snow. While there are innumerable derbies in English football just like this I have tried to bring the viewers the best four among them.

Nottingham Forest Vs. Derby County

The Midlands Derby

While the Midlands Derby has had its roots in local rivalries like almost all other rivalries the root cause of the escalation was Brian Clough, one of the legendary figures of British management. While Brian Clough was hugely successful at Derby County and also helped them to an improbable League Championship and also the semifinals of the European Cup his subsequent move to Nottingham Forest really ignited a fire. In the subsequent times this was a matter of many chants and counter chants among the fans.
In recent times though both sets of fans have not had much success this rivalry has remained as strong as ever and a win over the other is considered as the highlight of the season.

West Ham United Vs. Milwall


Police charge the protesting fans


This rivalry is one of the oldest and bitter rivalries in not only English football but also world football. Crowd violence and abusive chants are part and parcel of allmost every derby game between the two teams. Inspite of such intense rivalry the clubs have met only periodically with the last meeting coming way back in 2009. However such was the intensity of problems in 2009 that it is still fresh in the minds of both sets of supporters. Pitch invasion, brawls between the two sets of fans, assault and stabbing were just some of the things that happened that day. If you want to experience how intense rivalries can be then this is definitely the game for you.

Sheffield United Vs. Sheffield Wednesday

A rivalry which exists on the shores of Sheffield is not stuck just there but has effect all over England. While the Steel City derby has tempered down in recent times the passion and the enthusiasm is still very much there. However in recent times the bad blood between the two clubs have been somewhat halted by the joint sponsorship deal for both teams by the same local company. However underneath all the diplomacies the rivalry is still as fierce as it was maybe ten years back.

Bristol City Vs. Bristol Rovers

The Bristol Derby – one of the fiercest in England

The Bristol derby is one of the most underrated yet ferocious derby in English football. According to a survey conducted in 2010 by F.A. it is ranked the 7th most ferocious derby in English football. While crowd troubles have been receding in recent years the high level of intensity among the fans and the players mark the importance this rivalry is for everyone involved. Starting from 1894, when the clubs first met to 2007, when the clubs

last met, a lot has changed but not the intensity of the rivalry between the two sets of fans. 

If I have missed out any important local rivalries do comment and let me know.

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