Why Pep Guardiola deserves the £19.5m-a-year contract offer from Manchester City

Pep Guardiola

Why Pep Guardiola Deserves A £19.5m-a-year Contract From Manchester City

If the rumours are to be believed, then Manchester City are about to hand Pep Guardiola a contract extension until 2021, worth a staggering £19.5m-a-year.

This sees his pay packet jump up by £3.5million-a-yearHowever, the real question here is if Pep Guardiola deserves a huge contract?

First, let’s look at his record whilst he has been in management. Pep has 6 domestic league titles, 8 domestic cup wins, 2 Champions League wins, 4 UEFA Super Cup wins, and 3 Fifa Club World Cups – a total of 22 trophies in 9 years of management, and that’s before you even get to his personal accolades.

This makes him the third highest trophy winner in management right now, only behind Mircea Lucescu and Jose Mourinho. Neither of those people is going to be managing Man City any time soon and therefore, it is not hard to argue that Man City have got the most successful manager they could possibly have. They should do all they can to hold on to him.

Secondly, let’s look at how much £19.5m-a-year actually is in the context of Manchester City’s finances. In the 2016-17 annual financial report, Man City revealed that they had record revenues of £473.4million for the year, which was a 21% increase from the previous period.

This will only increase this year due to their elongated stay in the Champions League, making the extra £3.5million to Pep something easy to find. Their wage bill is £264.1million-a-year and £3.5 million is just 1.44% of this. It is a drop in the ocean for the Cityzens. Spending 1.44% of their yearly wage budget to retain one of the most successful managers in the world seems like a shrewd idea.

Finally, let’s look at the future. Is Pep Guardiola currently the most successful manager of Manchester City? No, he is not. He’s not even the most successful manager in the Sheikh Mansour era. However, he’s about to win his first Premier League title after being at the club for less than two years and the current Man City team’s football is arguably the best ever that we’ve seen at the Etihad Stadium.

So, does he deserve a new contract? Yes, and undoubtedly so. If these first two years are indicative of the future, then he is on track to becoming the best manager that has ever graced the dugout at Man City.

Written by Joe Mills


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